Stolen Personality – 2017

Original title:  Ukradena Licnos’
Played by:  Milan Lane Gutovic
November 2017

This play is a story of a moral portrait of a practical, modern and adaptive person who, for the purpose of achieving personal goals is prepared to accept unusual conditions lightly – while the same conditions for anyone else would be unacceptable as they involve humiliation and moral destruction.  With skilful ability and spirit of a village rascal, he forces himself upon the European Union as a candidate for a president.  None of the conditions imposed are difficult for him to fulfil, as his offering doesn’t cost him personally anything.  To him betrayal is acceptable, and he refers to that betrayal as ‘cooperation’.  The comedy also talks about the failure of social values and the society in general where Sojic (as a caricatural metaphor) doesn’t stagnate socially, but he in fact prospers.  This time, the actor on the stage doesn’t have a name, and does everything to interpret the scrips in his own way, similarly to his interpretations in the popular movies and series.