Plastic – 2017

Original title:  Plastika
Played by:  Suzana Petricevic and Nela Mihailovic
September 2017

Milina and Katarina are putting a lot of money towards a special anti ageing treatment, with the final treatment involving plastic surgery.  Starting a new life, they find themselves in an elite fitness centre waiting for a personal training who is creating a training program for them.  They never met before this, and are now in the same place waiting for the personal trainer, who is running unacceptably late.  Two diametrically opposed personalities, at a first glance seemingly ordinary however very exiting fates, made up of both funny and painful determinants of times in which we live in, brought together to utilise the equipment for correction of body and soul.  The outcome of the epilog is unpredictable, just like our lives are.