Mixed Marriage

Original title:  M(j)esoviti brak
Played by:  Dara Dzokic and Mima Karadzic

‘Mixed Marriage’ is a story about marriage between a Montenegrin man and a Serbian woman, temporarily working in Switzerland, who decide to celebrate their 20th anniversary in a hotel at Lake Constance.  The night brings retrieval of memories from the time spent together.  They came to a realisation that the situation at the Balkans has impacted their own lives, while on the other hand their sons are influenced by the western trend – one is a skinhead with a girlfriend by the surname of Artukovic, the other a punk who’s girlfriend is from Morocco, with brown skin.  Dzokic and Karadzic effortlessly carry the dialogue, full of witty replicas, and unavoidably juicy Serbo-Montenegrin vocabulary.  Although forced to laugh constantly, the audience finds time to compare with their own lives and circumstances which have voluntarily or not entered their lives.