Lina, tougher than stone

Original title:  Lina, tvrdja od kamena
Played by:  Vesna Stankovic

‘Lina, tougher than stone’ and a true story about a hard and shattering life of the author’s grandmother Lina, from her adolescence, through adulthood, all the way to old age.  Through Lina’s life story, full of unexpected and life-directed turns, happy and tragic twist of events, we follow not just her personal story but also the historical events that she endured while going through life:  the start of the 20th century, 1st and 2nd World Wars, and post-war periods.  Although Lina’s narrative is full of suffering, tragedy and death, it’s also somewhat a glorification of life and vital human power and energy that keeps you going even through roughest challenges, it raises you above, protects you with a weaved matter that is harder than the hardest stone.  Through this monodrama, the audience follows Lina and how she transforms from a young girl full of life and happiness into firstly a young adult woman, then into a woman devastated by life tragedies, all the way into a strong, mature personality that wasn’t broken by the sufferings, but became stronger and stable with a wealth of life wisdom.  The play is symbolic and magnifies iconic strength of life that triumphs above loss and trouble.