Laughter and only laughter

Original title:  Smeh i samo smeh
Played by:  Ivan Bekjarev and Jova Radovanovic

u-neXt presents a musical spectacle ‘Laughter and only laughter’, played by Ivan Bekjarev and Jova Radovanovic.  This play is a show by two of the most unprecedented masters of our theatre, film and TV scenes.  They posses experience, charm and exceptional artistic quality.  It’s a promising combination, as suggested by the title of the play.  In the first part of the play we’ll hear some of the work by Dusko Radovic, Jovan Hadzi-Kostic and Milovan Vitezovic with a mixture of folk literature.  Everything is chiseled into many dramatic units which posses satirism but release humorous energy.  The second part is reserved for sketches, jokes, along with musical presentation of both guests.  We can easily refer to this as a theatrical musical spectacle.  Both Ivan and Jova are always prepared for improvisations and immediate response to audience requests.  At any moment these two deans of the scene will readily respond to change of intensity and rhythm of the play, which gives a special character to any performance piece.  In short – an eruption of laughter is the foundation of this play, it’s dramatic screenplay and purpose.