Original title:  S nogu
Played by: Pedja Bajovic

Stand up comedy play ‘S Nogu’ is the first regional tour by one of the ex Yugoslav stand up comedian which took place in early spring 2012 when it made thousands of people laugh.  If you ask why – because they’re all involved in this play!  It’s the story about us today.  About us, the people who continued with our lives in the ‘region’ of the West Balkans, ex Yugoslavia…mainly – about us and here.  Even though we’re divided, some of our daily experiences are almost identical, while others are worlds apart, as if some are living on planet Earth, others on the Moon or Mars… and so on, even to the unrecognised Pluto.  You’ll have more questions than answers while hanging out with Pedja for nearly two hours.  We’ll add some politics and some local economy, some showbiz and (never enough) sex!