Floral Tale

Original title:  Cvetna Bajka
Played by:  Vesna Stankovic – Milikic

This children’s play ‘Floral Tale’ is intended for children up to 12 years old.  Vesna Stankovic – Milikic plays Cvetana, the Goddes of flowers who travels on her floral carriage around the world, and through song and dance creates magic so flowers can grow.  Unfortunately her carriage breaks down and she falls into a crowd of children.  She starts telling them educational and entertaining stories about flowers, how the flowers grow, how you gift flowers to people, plant bon-ton, plant horoscope, etc… and with the help of the children she creates magic to fix the broken carriage.  There are lots of songs and it runs for 45-60 minutes.  The stories adjust to the age of children.