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About Us

Welcome to our website.

U-neXt organisation is founded in 2002.  We are based in Sydney, however we also operate activities outside of our local base.  Our primary function is organising theatre plays and events with some of the most prominent and outstanding actors from ex Yugoslavia.  Believe it or not,  so far we have organised over 400 theatre plays throughout Australia and New Zealand, in all of the capital cities and some smaller towns.

You can read and find more information about our past and current projects within the pages of this site.

Organising theatre projects isn’t our only purpose – we aspire to maintain effective communication and connection amongst people, to create opportunities to bring us together and discuss various topics.  This is exactly why we organise other similar cultural and sports events which are intended to gather people from ex Yugoslavia with similar ideas around theatre, culture and humanity.

u-neXt cooperates with non for profit organisations.  We’ve been collaborating with Nest Inc for years, organising humanitarian amateur tennis tournament called ‘Australian Closed’.  The aim of this tournament is to organise collection of funds and donations for disadvantaged children without parents.

u-neXt is open to any questions, suggestions or ideas.  Should you wish to suggest anything, or discuss any topics relating to theatre, or how to preserve and improve the quality of the cultural life please let us know, we’re open for conversation.

Above all, we thank YOU and YOUR support, because without you we wouldn’t be here.