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Australian Closed 2013

Australian Closed started in January 2013 as a charitable event aimed at involving people from Australia in a single large community event filled with tennis, music, food, and other festivities. Celebrities from the former Yugoslavia became involved since its inception and helped to raise awareness, both locally and abroad, about the event and its cause.  The specific aim was to support disadvantaged children in the former Yugoslavia, not by sending money to the organisations supporting them, but through financing projects that would directly benefit the children. Initial projects started with building a children’s playground and the construction of a kitchen and living area for disadvantaged and kids without parents.

Welcome to Serbia

Original title:  Welcome to Serbia
Played by:  Dragan Jovanovic

Dear tourists, welcome to Serbia, the country that has in recent periods been unfairly abandoned from the tourist maps of Europe.  I say 'unfairly', because this is the land where some of the biggest and oldest cultures and civilisations of the world have originated and crumbled.  Serbs are the founders of Mesopotamia, Mycenae, Egypt, Persia, China, Japan, even the ancient Rome.  This historic importance of Serbia has returned our country to the traveller guides and tourist brochures.  The fact that you purchased a guided tour through our agency - Travel Agency Jovanovic, proves your audacious taste and adventurous soul of a true world traveller.  We hope you will enjoy the program we provide.  Welcome and good luck.

Floral Tale

Original title:  Cvetna Bajka
Played by:  Vesna Stankovic - Milikic

This children's play 'Floral Tale' is intended for children up to 12 years old.  Vesna Stankovic - Milikic plays Cvetana, the Goddes of flowers who travels on her floral carriage around the world, and through song and dance creates magic so flowers can grow.  Unfortunately her carriage breaks down and she falls into a crowd of children.  She starts telling them educational and entertaining stories about flowers, how the flowers grow, how you gift flowers to people, plant bon-ton, plant horoscope, etc... and with the help of the children she creates magic to fix the broken carriage.  There are lots of songs and it runs for 45-60 minutes.  The stories adjust to the age of children.

Lina, tougher than stone

Original title:  Lina, tvrdja od kamena
Played by:  Vesna Stankovic

'Lina, tougher than stone' and a true story about a hard and shattering life of the author's grandmother Lina, from her adolescence, through adulthood, all the way to old age.  Through Lina's life story, full of unexpected and life-directed turns, happy and tragic twist of events, we follow not just her personal story but also the historical events that she endured while going through life:  the start of the 20th century, 1st and 2nd World Wars, and post-war periods.  Although Lina's narrative is full of suffering, tragedy and death, it's also somewhat a glorification of life and vital human power and energy that keeps you going even through roughest challenges, it raises you above, protects you with a weaved matter that is harder than the hardest stone.  Through this monodrama, the audience follows Lina and how she transforms from a young girl full of life and happiness into firstly a young adult woman, then into a woman devastated by life tragedies, all the way into a strong, mature personality that wasn't broken by the sufferings, but became stronger and stable with a wealth of life wisdom.  The play is symbolic and magnifies iconic strength of life that triumphs above loss and trouble.

The best spice in a different way

Original title:  Najbolji je zacin na drugi nacin
Played by:  Milan Lane Gutovic

Hilarious comedy play