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Tonight's Visitors - The Kenguars

Original title:  Veceras u Gostima - The Kenguars
Played by: Dragan Gagi Jovanović, Brankom Pujić, Rade Marković
January 2016

This play is about the wonderful musical/theatrical event, brand new project which has never been played before, packed with lots of playing, singing and dancing. 


Original title:  Art
Yu-Balkan Comedy Festival
Played by: Milan Lane Gutović, Nebojša Dugalić and Milan Prljeta

The Art was initially played in 1994 in Paris, following which it received Moliere's award.  Since then it's been translated and played in more than thirty languages across the world.  It later received Laurence Olivier's award and Evening Standard Theatre Award, as well as Tony Award for best drama in 1998.  In Serbia, this play was on the Atelje 212 repertoire, and it is still playing at the Belgrade Drama Theatre.  This comedy raises the key questions in relation to friendships - Are you my friend?  Are you my good friend?  Are you telling me what I expect to hear?  What are you talking about?  Do I trust you?  How many friends do you have?  Who's a better friend?  What do you do for a living?  How good are you at your job?  Why are you my friend?  Do we think the same?  How much do you earn?  Are you real, my friend?  Who's right my friend?  What's the colour of friendship?  Is Friendship art?  Or is the art of friendship - nature?  Because of it's brilliant scripting and masterful work of the Serbian actors, you'll always want additional tickets for Art.


Original title:  S nogu
Played by: Pedja Bajovic

Stand up comedy play 'S Nogu' is the first regional tour by one of the ex Yugoslav stand up comedian which took place in early spring 2012 when it made thousands of people laugh.  If you ask why - because they're all involved in this play!  It's the story about us today.  About us, the people who continued with our lives in the 'region' of the West Balkans, ex Yugoslavia...mainly - about us and here.  Even though we're divided, some of our daily experiences are almost identical, while others are worlds apart, as if some are living on planet Earth, others on the Moon or Mars... and so on, even to the unrecognised Pluto.  You'll have more questions than answers while hanging out with Pedja for nearly two hours.  We'll add some politics and some local economy, some showbiz and (never enough) sex!

Australian Closed 2015

Australian Closed started in January 2013 as a charitable event aimed at involving people from Australia in a single large community event filled with tennis, music, food, and other festivities. Celebrities from the former Yugoslavia became involved since its inception and helped to raise awareness, both locally and abroad, about the event and its cause. The specific aim was to support disadvantaged children in the former Yugoslavia, not by sending money to the organisations supporting them, but through financing projects that would directly benefit the children. Initial projects started with building a children’s playground and the construction of a kitchen and living area for disadvantaged and kids without parents.


Original title:  Djurologija
Played by:  Branko Djuric Djuro

This kind of (anti) stand up show, as Djuro likes to refer to it is actually a collection of his own thoughts, which amusingly represent everything that makes him laugh, but annoys him in his daily life.  'People can recognise their own lives in the situations I talk about.  Whether I talk about the morning shower or the tram ride.  On the stage I demystify my own self so I can talk to the people about my true feelings, what I think about and what deconcentrates me' - says Djuric.