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Original title:  Milunka
Played by:  Vesna Stankovic
April 2017

The play Milunka which is produced by Petar Stanojlovic is a confession of the Serbian war heroine called Milunka Savic, interpreted by Vesna Stanknovic.  Confession about her life from her first gun to the first broom.

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Sokin and Bosina

Original title:  Sokin i Bosina
Played by:  Ljiljana Blagojevic, Mihailo Ladjevac, Vesna Stankovic, Kalina Kovacevic
April 2017

Sokin (the son) and Bosina (the daughter) is a comedy by dr Milica Konstantinovic, produced by Jug Radivojevic

Ljiljana Blagojevic:  Bosa, mother in law - mother of the groom, from Romanija, woodchopper
Mihailo Ladjevac:  Stojko, the son, ballet dancer
Vesna Stankovic:  Sofija, mother in law - mother of the bride, divorced bachelor of economics from Novi Sad, no work experience but managed to live off child support she received for her daughter, fashionista at heart
Kalina Kovacevic:  Juca, Sofija's daughter, pianist, can't find a job so has to drive a truck for living

Allegedly I was delivered by a Stork

Original title:  Ko bajagi donijela me roda
Played by:  Zijah Sokolovic
February 2017

The king of monodrama, Zijah Sokolovic is back in Australia.  This year, he's playing in New Zealand as well, with his hit comedy 'Allegedly i was delivered by a Stork'.

Golden bijoux chain

Original title:  Zlatni lancic od bizuterije
Played by:  Andrija Milosevic
September 2016

Andrija Milosevic as Kostadin Lale came to Belgrade full of hopes and expectations.  But just like other people who are full of themselves and well adjusted to an easy life, he realises how quickly the years have gone by while he hasn't even finished school, and all of his business ventures have flopped.  He's surrounded by many beautiful girls, however he doesn't need a love of his life but a woman that will support him financially.  And, he stumbles onto a rich one.  He's impressed with how he managed to deceive her and her family, however doesn't realise this wealthy family wouldn't be so rich if they could be so easily deceived.

Cabares Cabarei

Original title:  Cabares Cabarei
Played by:  Zijah Sokolovic
February 2016

Zijah A Sokolovic with his outstanding verbal and acting abilities, using master mimes and complete control of his voice, takes the audience from irrepressible laughter to cold abomination, plays with the feelings and opinions of the audience, takes them to the edge of endurance, while twisting the two very important themes - love and death.  His mimes, body language and verbal variations on the subject of 'Institution' such as politics and marriage, followed by mocking the morals, marital relationships, political banalities, daily nonsense and reminds us of their existence - it sparks laughter, spontaneous applause, recapturing the essence of the idea and in the end, ovations from the audience that after two hours of non-stop program is wondering how is it possible to maintain such deep acting concentration and condition.  It's actually near impossible to explain the work the unquestionable king of monodrama has been delivering over the last 21 years with great success and ardency.